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  5. "Do you see, or not?"

"Do you see, or not?"

Translation:Tu vezi sau nu?

November 24, 2016



does ori also mean or


(romanian) ori = or (english)
(romanian) or = however (english) ... or simply the original borrowing sense of the french word "or"

and btw... in the spoken language... pronouns like "tu" from above... are not used... they are implied by the verb... so, when speaking to a romanian, it sound more natural to say "Vezi, sau nu?" (vezi - second person, singular form)


how does sau compare to ori, they must have different connotations?


I would avoid „ori” altogether. „Sau” sounds much better in basically every context.


they both have the same meaning... but "ori" sounds more poetic and sometimes weird... since it has an unknown etimology... probably related to the germanic "or"


a lot of words in romanian have multiple identical or similar words that come from other language families... some of them have faded away and only 1 dominant one have remained... or like the "sau/ori" both remained

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