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  5. "un suc, două sucuri"

"un suc, două sucuri"

Translation:a juice, two juices

November 24, 2016



Pronunciation question: For some reason the singular sounds like "un suct" (or a very truncated "sucur," which is what I tried the first time). Is this an artifact of the computer voice or an alternative form of the word by any chance? Up to this point I thought it was just pronounced "suc." Thanks in advance!


it sounds like "suct" and marks it as correct


The audio sounds really glitchy here.


how about "un suc, doi sucuri" ?


Suc is a neutral noun (it acts as a masculine noun in the singular form and as a feminine noun in the plural form). "Doi" is used with masculine nouns, "două" with feminine (and neutral) nouns.

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