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  5. "I'd like to remind you."

"I'd like to remind you."

Translation:Liciwn i dy atgoffa.

November 24, 2016



Must the contraction i'ch be used, or iis i chi also correct, just more formal?


Either works here.


why doesn't 'hoffwn i dy atgoffa di' work? i was taught / understand that you can use any combination of, in this instance, 'dy' and 'di,' and that, while the emphasis might change, any combination would convey the basic idea (so, 'hoffwn i dy atgoffa di,' '....dy atgoffa,' or '....atgoffa di' would work). would someone be willing to explain what i have wrong to me? thanks in advance.


It works, but it seems less common in practice. The usual forms that you come across in colloquial Welsh are of the patterns:

  • Hoffwn i dy atgoffa
  • Hoffwn i atgoffa ti (rather more casual, perhaps)

The pattern with both pronouns has now been added to the database, though.

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