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  5. "La durée est d'une heure."

"La durée est d'une heure."

Translation:The duration is one hour.

February 13, 2013



I know that 'The duration is of one hour' doesn't sound right in English, but what is the purpose of the 'd'une' here?


This is an expression of measurement, constructed with être + de, like:

  • la largeur / la longueur / la profondeur est de 2 mètres
  • le poids est de 2 kilos
  • la surface est de 5 hectares ...

To use this sentence without the preposition "de" you have to use a colon:

  • La durée est : une heure.


i understand the french meaning perfectly but in U.S. we would say "The duration is for one hour" . Why is that not marked correct?


The duration is one hour. It lasts for one hour.


I am no French expert but just a knowledge of English and some manipulation can help one see the French logic.

"The talk can have a maximum duration/length of one hour" --> "The duration is of one hour".


I'll be damned if it doesn't just sound like she's saying "La duree d'une heure."


Yes, I agree, so is this some kind of liaison, where est is swallowed up? Good luck with that on an oral question!!


Yep I answered "La durée d'une heure" and even showed my French girlfriend the recording. She said she would have answered the same. :/


I put "the length of time is one hour" and it wouldn't accept it. "Duree" can mean duration, length of time, or time. Why wouldn't DL accept it?


"the length of time is one hour" is correct and accepted.


I agree with ''Jasmine123214 11 2 2 49 I put "the length of time is one hour" and it wouldn't accept it. "Duree" can mean duration, length of time, or time. Why wouldn't DL accept it?''

Also in Spanish the literal translation is, or can be, ""The time is of one hour" El tiempo es de una hora. For example: If a person want to specify the time it takes from point A to point B, the person can say: ... entonces "el tiempo es de una hora" Thanks


In English would you not say 'one hour's duration'?


one hour's duration = une durée d'une heure (no verb, different sentence)


Would someone please explain to me why it couldn't be "The duration is about an hour"? It is to my knowledge that de, des, and d' is also used to mean about. I am curious as to why that is not accepted. Thank you.


Why did you add "about"? The French sentence does not have "environ"


I put "it will last an hour" marked wrong. But am i? Am i reeeeaallly?? Lol


And it corrected me with "it lasts an hour" -_-


There is no future tense in "la durée est d'une heure".

In addition, the structure of the sentence clearly corresponds to "the duration is one hour".

The closer your translation to the original sentence, the better.


I noticed that the voice doesn't pronounce est in this sentence. Does this usually occur when the same ending vowel and is followed by the same beginning vowel of the next word or would you pronounce durée and est separately?


You should hear "é-è" because the ending sound in "durée " is not the same as that of "est". By the way "la durée d'une heure" is not a sentence without its verb.


The duration is an hour is a very formal thing to say in english. Would it be formal in french as well? What would be the informal phrase instead?


The length of time is one hours. One of the suggestions provided gives 'length' as acceptable and then is marked wrong. Perhaps this should be changed.


"La durée, c'est d'une heure"

Is that a correct way to express the same idea?

Very confused with commma or no comma use here.

Thanks for any help.


To use the emphasis-by-extraction style, you would need to repeat the main subject by the matching personal pronoun because of the "d'une heure" expressing a measure.

  • La durée, elle est d'une heure.

But without the "d'", you can use "c'":

  • La durée, c'est une heure.


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