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"Patience is really necessary."

Translation:Sự kiên nhẫn thật sự cần thiết.

November 24, 2016



Is 'necessary' not an adjective here? Why is it not 'sự kiên niễn thật cần thiết'?


I suppose it's because it is taking "thật sự" as "really", rather than just "thật", so "sự" doesn't combine with "cần thiết". I can't hear the audio now, so I don't know if it is distinguishable in speech.

Another discussion thread mentions "thực sự" as an alternate to "thật sự" - are they interchangeable?


Im confused. Wouldn't it translate to 'Patience is really neccesity' instead? Can someone native confirm if sự is required or it's just a DL error.


Listening to the audio now, it sounds like "thật sự" (pause) "cần thiết", so it does appear that sự emphasizes thật instead of turning cần thiết into a noun.


explanation from Sylvia_Nguyen

"Sự kiên nhẫn thực sự cần thiết" is a correct answer, that makes less confusion


Vietnamese uses Zero Copula sometimes, so it's not necessarily wrong to omit "là"


Isn't sự cần thiết = necessity? A noun rather than an adjective?


thật sự means really or truly so the is part of the intensifier not part of cần thiết

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