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  5. "Ei toarnă un pahar cu apă."

"Ei toarnă un pahar cu apă."

Translation:They pour a glass of water.

November 24, 2016



Why isn't "They fill a glass with water" not accepted? I'm not a native English speaker but "They pour a glass with water" sounds weird ...


pour = toarnă / fill = umple


"They pour a glass with water" would be weird. I wrote the more usual "They pour a glass of water," which was accepted. It does not capture the "cu," but it is the only possibility that sounds right to me.


Doesn't cu translates to : to, of and with?


I guess it does. I just think of it being the Latin "cum" and related to the Spanish and Italian "con" and the Portuguese "com," all of which simply mean "with."

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