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I don't think this is good enough to learn French

There seems to be a lot missing, and often when i am wrong in a translation, it isn't revealed why. There must be something about the french language that Duolingo expects you to figure out on your own. Perhaps it's the verbs and plurals.

June 18, 2012



I really reaaaally doubt anyone could learn any language with this website alone. It's definitely only meant to be supplementary to whatever else you're doing. http://french.about.com/ This website is very handy for solving any grammar questions you may have.


Yes, I agree with clubsauce. And please: Be aware that the French courses are marked as 'beta' for a reason: There are still a lot of errors in them. I wouldn't recommend it to a beginner to use them at the moment. Without some background knowledge in French you won't spot the errors and may learn incorrect facts about the language. [It's getting better quickly and the duolinguo staff seems to be working hard on it, but at the moment you still have to be very careful]

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