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  5. "Μία πολιτιστική εφημερίδα"

"Μία πολιτιστική εφημερίδα"

Translation:A cultural newspaper

November 24, 2016


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πολιτιστική is a huge false friend with the word 'political'


Then let's turn it into a friend by seeing how many other words come from it. here :D


It helps to keep in mind that "political" is "πολιτικός, -ή, -ό" in Greek, and that "πολιτιστικός, -ή, -ό" stems from "πολιτισμός" - "civlization, culture".
[The parts in bold do not necessarily indicate any grammatical parts of the words—i.e. stem, etc.—but are just meant to serve as a visual aid.]

By the way, have 7 lingots for your cheerful profile picture.


Does the word politistiki have anything to do with belonging to a city ?


A tentative answer: Yes, the root is πόλη(ς). But πολιτιστικός, - η, - ο is not a word that existed in Ancient Greek though. Rather it was created more recently (19th century?) as a translation of the English word "cultural".

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