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  5. Bois does not mean drink


Bois does not mean drink

Bois is wood, but it is apparently to mean drink or drinks in some questions. Very frustrating.

June 18, 2012



Just like you can have a word in English that is both a noun and a verb (to pat someone on the back / a pat of butter), you can also have words in French that are both nouns and verbs. In this case, "le bois" (wood) is a noun, but "je bois" (I drink) and "tu bois" (you drink) are the first and second person singular of the verb "boire" (to drink). It can be confusing, but once you learn the context, it's very hard to mix them up!


A drink in French is more commonly "Une boisson", as the previous answer states "bois" when referring to a drink is part of the verb BOIRE (to drink) - " je bois" = I drink

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