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"Als ich aus dem Ferienhaus ging, dachte ich an den Schlüssel."

Translation:When I left the vacation home, I thought of the key.

February 20, 2014



"As soon as I went out of the vacation house, I thought of the key", why duolingo didn't accept me this translation? Even when it is... "when, as.... among others..... here there should have been accepted... "as soon as"


Can store explain to me please, the laws behind this weird word order? Thanx


From my understanding, 'ging aus' is a separable verb, meaning 'went out'. To be fair, I have no idea why it was used here instead of just 'ging'.


Schlüssel is accusative here, why is that? How can you tell when "an" is accusative or dative?


Yes, it is in accusative here. Basically you use accusative here because your thought is directed at the key, and direction implies accusative while location implies dative. At least that's the way I would try to explain my use of the cases with dual prepositions as a native speaker. Perhaps this helps you a bit more: http://german.about.com/od/grammar/a/DualPrepositions.htm .


Thanks! My question is why is Schlüssel not plural.

[deactivated user]

    Der Schlüssel (or den Schlüssel if it's accusative) is singular, die Schlüssel is plural.


    Vacation house? Like a cottage or a B&B?


    The dictionary equated holiday home and vacation house, so why does Duo count vacation house as incorrect???

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