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Learning german

hi, guys, my name is Miriam and I decided to learn german and I really love it could you please comment if you like it or not and if it was a good idea to start learning german thank you

November 24, 2016



I love German, too. It's an incredibly rich language that you can play with like Legos. You can say so many more things in German, with greater shades of meaning and clarity than you can in English. You can even build your own new words! For someone like me who loves new and interesting ways to express ideas, German is one of the most wonderful languages I know of.


i love german! it is a great idea to learn german! good luck on your journey with duolingo!


I think it's a fantastic language. Everything becomes easier to understand the more you learn. Even the accent sounds wonderful once you become comfortable enough using it while speaking German. You will definitely enjoy this course!


thank you guys you are all soo kind to me you are all so awesome i have never ever in my life met these kind of people


Welcome Miriam!

You're going to love German, it's like a big puzzle, it's a difficult language and that's what it's fun about. You try to understand, you get lost sometimes, but it's fo fascinating.


I just started German but the best way to start duolingo is to start Spanish and trying French and the Italian ( because they are almost the same! )


You don't need to give me lingots you can just like it that's all.


This is the millionth time somebody has given me lingots who keeps on doing that?!


Hhahahahaha so funny, some people are begging for lingots and are receiving down votes, on the other hand, you're getting tons of it because you don't want it hahahaha.


Looks like you have a secret admirer, man! :-)


Hopefully the secret admirer is a boy...


But that is just my opinion you can start any way you want! Here is a lingot to get you started.


I love german but I like welsh too it's really easy


i am also practicing German and i find it pretty interesting.


I like it and find it relaxing. I do a super quick lesson while I am gulping my morning coffee and getting ready to dash out of the door. Never more than one minute really and only add skills when I am consistently getting no errors on review. But I am on a 730 streak without missing a lesson and find I am becoming quite comfortable with the basics without even really working at it. It is like German by Osmosis.

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