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"Đứa trẻ đó đã không trung thực. Việc đó làm người phụ nữ buồn."

Translation:That child was not honest. That makes the woman sad.

November 24, 2016



I answered the 2nd sentence as "That MADE the lady sad" (instead of MAKES) and got marked wrong on it. While I admit that there was no "đã" to explicitly make the sentence past tense, I just thought the tense would have been implied/borrowed from the first sentence.

Is there any merit in that train of thought? Do Vietnamese occasionally omit "đã" if there's sufficient context in a conversation to imply past tense?


Maybe the makers (i don't know how to describe) were not native english speaker

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So what's wrong with translating "đã không trung thực" as "was dishonest"?


I put qhich instead of that, and it still makes sense but i didnt get it right


The audio sure seems to say "điều đó' instead of "việc đó". Anyone else concur?


Concur. The speaker seems trying to set a world record in speed speaking.

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