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  5. "Băiatul mănâncă mărul."

"Băiatul mănâncă mărul."

Translation:The boy eats the apple.

November 25, 2016



So -ul adds "the" to every word?


NO not every word, it depends if its feminine too!


Hi, I'm original from Romania, so I know that there are two answers: "Femeia" ; "Băiatul".


The exercise for me was ... Mănâncă mărul, with 2 of the multiple choice options being băiatul and femeia, i picked băiatul which was marked correct, but shouldn't femeia be equally correct here? The boy, or the woman?


I don't understand, does the verb conjugate depending on the definiteness of the object, or was the point of the lesson to recognise that there needs to be an article, so only the definite form was correct?


What do you mean? You can not say "Băiatul mănancă măr" (as in an apple, where it becomes "un măr", never just "măr"), because the final "ul" is equivalent to "the"


Okay that's what I thought, you just need there to be an article.


the conjugation of the verb has nothing to do with the definiteness or undefiniteness of the object ....

You use the same verb form ( here 3 rd pers. sing. "mănâncă ") concording to the SUBJECT "Băiatul" to express that

"the boy eats an apple" or that "the boy eats the apple"....

the clue in this exercise is to recognise that the only thing he can EAT is an object like : an apple ( "un măr" ) or the apple ( "mărul" )

the five other listed objects were things you can DRINK ....


I have looked through the notes and tips and still don't uderstand- when and why does it become mărul as opposed to un măr? Thanks!


I believe.. mărul = the apple


măr = apple


Correct. mărul = the apple apple un măr = an apple / one apple


marul = the apple mar = an apple or apple


Is it just me or does the R in marul sound like its being pronounced with a slight W sound?


Was heißt das eigendlich kann mn mir das bitte sgen

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