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Stop putting things we can’t have known in the "choose all correct" questions!

This course has been using "select all correct answers" questions pretty nastily. They keep putting the word "ori" as well as "sau" for "or" but I don't believe they even explained that ori existed. There's also a second word for man that was conveniently skipped over until one of these questions (om as I recall) and apparently the article rules are different, because I was docked for not selecting both a Romanian sentence with an article and without, and it was never explained when or when not to use them. Those are probably causing every single word in the sentences to destrenghten, which meana more restrengthening later (which isn't good since this course already has lightning fast degradation, every day I wake up to half my tree ungilded). This is the first course where this has happened consistently enough that it is a problem.

November 25, 2016



I have to agree with this, these questions have been quite troubling.


Who gave me these?


Looks like you have a secret admirer.


Korean to English is devilish for this as well lol, they absolutely love giving two correct answers to everything, to the point where I don't think they ever have just one

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