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  5. "Da, mersi!"

"Da, mersi!"

Translation:Yes, thanks!

November 25, 2016



Mersi nu-i doar thanks, dar thank you la fel


Cred ca se refera la forma absolut corecta (Mulțumesc=Thank You ; Mersi= Thanks). Se pare cã ceva lingvişti/traducãtori au creat textele :) Pãrerea mea :)


I nice mix of Russian and French to give you the full flavour of the language in two words!


One of the most frequent misunderstandings about Romanian xd The word Da comes from the Latin word Ita, which also means yes. The Da in Romanian and Russian is a pure coincidence


yes, definitely russian... it has nothing to do with old slavonic... remember russian = eastern slavics... the romanian language formed way earlier that russian


And the ‘mersi’ is also not derived from French. But I think in both cases, those are the most well-known languages to have cognates with the same meaning, which is why I named those two languages. Anyway, they're the languages that came to my mind, even though I know that they are not ancestors of Romanian.


no... mersi is a "franțuzism" ... it was borrowed from french by romanian students of the XIX century (that were sent to the centre of knowledge - Paris), that later became intellectuals and dictated the norms of the romanian language


Oh, OK, thanks! That does make my original comment sound pretty bad then.


I put "yes, thanks!" and got wrong because I didn't use a capital letter...PLEASE DUOLINGO!


I put "thank you" instead of "thanks" thinking that Duolingo would prefer it over "thanks" but nope...

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