"Telefoanele au un ecran mic."

Translation:The telephones have a small screen.

November 25, 2016

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this sentence technically works, but if 'telephones' is plural, 'screens' should be plural also, unless multiple phones are sharing the same screen


I find it very hard to distinguish the ”oa” diphtong from a simple ”o” (in just about every sentence it occurs). It sounds like e.g. ”telefonele” to my ears. Is it just the TTS or is the difference very slight in real speech also?


The "difference" is quite subtle, as is the case with the auditory discernment of any foreign phoneme.


ooh come on why can't I translate 'mic' as little?


I wrote "display" instead of screen and it was incorrect.((


Hmm I wonder if ecran is also "screen" in the sense of a screened-in porch, at which point I could see the reasoning behind only accepting screen. If it only applies to technology, then display would be a correct translation.

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