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  5. "No, it is not my juice."

"No, it is not my juice."

Translation:Нет, это не мой сок.

November 25, 2016



Why don't we use сока the genitive case?

August 26, 2017


Because "не" does not take the genitive case. If you have a sentence where "нет" is negating a noun, then the genitive case comes into play. But here we've got "не" negating "это" (basically meaning "it is", so it's effectively negating a verb), so the following noun stays in the nominative case.

I see that you asked this question a year ago and you're up to Level 20 in Russian, so you probably know the answer by now. But for the benefit of those who still don't, I hope this is of assistance.


is it mandatory to put ето? is нет, не мой сок wrong?

[deactivated user]

    «Нет, не мой сок» sounds weird to my ear (at least in this context).


    Did you ever find an answer? I seem to remember that "this" is left out when introducing people (at least in Duolingo), so why not here?


    What is the difference between моя, мои and мой?


    These are different forms of "my". Possessives like мой, твой, ваш, наш and свой behave like adjectives and have different forms depending on the noun they modyfy. They take the gender (number) of the noun and follow its case. This is called agreement .

    Мой (rhymes with "boy") is used with masculine nouns, моя with feminine, моё with neuter ones. Note that the plural мои is stressed on the last syllable.

    3rd person possessives (его, её, их)!only have one form each.


    shady - you are awsome!!!


    What about with plural nouns? I usually see just one representing the plurals?


    Porque não posso dizer нет, не это мой сок?

    [deactivated user]

      Porque o significado é diferente:

      • Нет, это не мой сок. = Não, isso não é o meu sumo.
      • Нет, не это мой сок. = Não, o meu sumo não é isso.


      Muito obrigada! Isso e muito util!


      Why not: Нет, у меня нет мой сока.


      Thanks! I've have to think about this one to get it straight in my mind.


      That would be saying, "No, I do not have my juice". So to use that to translate "No, it is not my juice" would be incorrect.

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