"I am the first at the table."

Translation:Eu sunt primul la masă.

November 25, 2016



Since the English reads "the table," wouldn't the correct translation be "masa," which includes the definite article?

November 25, 2016


No. You do not always use an article in Romanian where you would in English. Generally, when you are talking about being somewhere, something being located somewhere, going in a certain direction or coming from a certain place you would not use an article at all (so a certain location in general).

Eu mă duc la poștă. - I am going to the post office.

Sunt la muncă. - I am/they are at work.

Vin de la școală și sunt foarte obosit. - I am coming from school and I'm very tired.

Pâinea se află pe masă. - The bread in on the table.

There is no such rule in English, but in Romanian it is quite consistent.

November 25, 2016
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