"I also want to drink."

Translation:Я теж хочу пити.

November 25, 2016

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In the multiple choice variant of this question the correct option is marked as "Я також хочу пити" rather than "Я теж хочу пити" as marked above. Is there a specific reason for this?


In modern Polish we use 'też' = 'теж'. 'Takoż' = 'також' is no longer used as it is archaic. I wander if it is the same in Ukrainian.


Is it correct with the теж at the end also (or rather)? I got it wrong the first time and the solution showed it at the end, got it right the second time, but in a different position.


i keep writing this sentense over and over but it keeps telling me im wromg even though im writing it correctly


what are you writing it as?

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