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  5. "Hello, I am a girl."

"Hello, I am a girl."

Translation:Bună, eu sunt o fată.

November 25, 2016



Do women say "buna" and men say "salut"?


No. Buna and salut are like 'Hello' and 'Hi'. It doesn't matter who uses it. Buna means good for example buna dimineață, good morning. Salut is just like "Hello there" Romanian is a very confusing language even though it was the first language I learned. My parents are from Romania and I was born in America.


No 2 is interesting.


Nobody else sees the same No 2 as you; what was it?


Why does Duolingo do this to me?


Yes, I too wondered what the difference between salut and buna was. I son one more formal?


There is no significant difference. "Bună" is way more used and I think you can look at it as the short version of a more formal ”Bună ziua/seara” = ”Good afternoon/evening”. You can say it at any given moment. ”Salut”, with the longer option ”Salutare” is less frequently used, and it has the same level of formality, meaning you can easily say it to friends or people you say regularly, like colleagues. It is not really ok to say that for example in an interview or when you greet someone for the first time in a more formal environment.


Buna and salut are same in a sense where they are "Hello"... although can I ask what's the difference of the two? Thanks in advance!


Apart from the etymology, there is no significant difference (see my earlier reply to Stewart288923).


I wrote "Salut, eu sunt fată," which the app marked as correct. But I thought it would be wrong, because I omitted the "o." Is the "o" necessary here? Why or why not?


If you miss the "o", then what you said is "I am girl" which sounds (and is) incorrect - it would not be the first time when the app would be wrong. The article should be there. That being said, anyone would understand what you mean/say, it's just not completely right.


I left out "eu" which I think is correct in spoken language, but Duolingo disagreed?


It is neither correct nor necessarily used in regular, spoken terms. I think Duolingo disagreed because it is not a correct translation of their own sentence. Although in some cases you can skip the subject and ppl would understand you and it might even be correct and accepted, I think maybe in this case Duolingo disagreed because the translation was not complete. Maybe.

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