"Noi nu citim scrisoarea sau mesajul."

Translation:We do not read the letter or the message.

November 25, 2016

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The robot pronounces "scrisoarea" very closely to "scrisoara" (missing e). Is that common? Is the robot exaggerating the effect?


The ā€žeā€ should be pronounced. Report it.


the diphthongs with e- and o- are very weak in some dialects in Romania to the point where the j-glide is virtually absent.


here too the ending of the verb is like in Russian. I don't say that the verb is Russian but the ending for WE is identical. so if it always ends in M it is evident that the subject must be NOI and vice-versa.


This is where real English should be used for the translation: neither...nor.

[deactivated user]

    OK anyone else struggling to say scrisoarea is there a easier way to get the pronunciation right? sounds daft but im a english speaker and make my mate at work chuckle when i try to say some of his words lol


    I think the sentences are a bit too long for beginners... My brain is tired after like half of the excercises...


    As mentioned previously, in English, when you have a negative choice, you use nor not

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