"Paharele sunt pline cu apă."

Translation:The glasses are full with water.

November 25, 2016

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Is "full with water" grammatically correct? I would say "full of water" and "filled with water." Anyone else want to pitch in? I'm from the States.


Prepositions often don't translate literally from language to language.


yes it is corect


You could say "filled with" or "full of" but I wouldn't say "full with".


"Pline de sare" - "filled with salt" was an other translation in this lesson. Why is it here "pline cu apă"? Because its liquid?

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You could say 'pline de apă', but is sounds a bit sloppy. Both in this case and in the salt example, 'de' could also imply that the substance is found on the exterior of the containers. 'Roți pline de noroi' = 'wheels full of mud', i.e. they are dirty on the exterior.

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    Should be "The Glasses Are: FULL OF WATER" or FILLED WITH WATER" Never hear anybody say in English The glasses are full WITH water. They might also be full of VODKA or EVERCLEAR or ROUNDUP! But NOT "WITH".


    full of is still not being accepted. full with is simply how English speakers would say it.

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