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  5. "Hol van az az autó?"

"Hol van az az autó?"

Translation:Where is that car?

November 25, 2016



Is it natural speech to say "az az" like this? Not that that sort of thing doesn't happen in English, but I'm just curious...


Yeah "az az" can be used like this to emphasize. Here: exactly THAT car


can be used as a synonym for tehát, vagyis, etc. (English "so") but if you use it like this, it will become one word, so:

  • Este van, azaz az ágyamban vagyok. It's evening so I'm in my bed you could say: Este van, tehát az ágyamban vagyok, too. The third "az" is a simple article. The first two makes ONE word.


Ahaha, that becomes a little tongue twister getting the "á" of "ágyamban" right! Thanks!


When you say this/that/these/those in English, the Hungarian equivalent ALWAYS uses a definite article in the middle. That is just how it is, this is the rule.
"this car" becomes "ez az autó"
"that car" becomes "az az autó"
"these cars" becomes "ezek az autók"
"those cars" becomes "azok az autók"

Note, the first word is the demonstrative, the second one is the definite article. So, the literal translation of "ez az autó" would be "this the car".
One more thing: when this construction gets conjugated, gets suffixes, etc., then both the demonstrative and the noun get equally conjugated. For example:

"with this car" becomes "ezZEL az autóVAL".

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