"The man speaks English."

Translation:Bărbatul vorbește engleza.

November 25, 2016

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Why is it not engleză in this sentence? Is there a definite article?


"Omul" is not acceptable. Why?


because they were to lazy to add it too... it's simply plausible for this context... man meaning, well, human and male in the same time, in english...


...because "omul" wasn't introduced to you in the lessons before? Anyway no one would say: "This human speaks English." This is the least likely version - although also possible!


Yes, "omul" wasn't introduced. However, "Omul vorbeşte engleza" is a VERY common sentence in Romanian. It is not at all the least likely version because "om" means "man" as well.


Omul do not be translate all the time by human. The title of a book from Mr Maigret is translate with : "Omul de pe stradă." And when you want to speak from a man that you've seen in the street, you can say "Acest Omul" or more popular "Omul ăsta". "Omul de zapadă" , " Omul invisibil" ... A movie: "Omul ăsta e nebun"...


the answer says the wrong accents are used in Engleza when its the only choice in a multiple choice question...


Why doesn't vorbiti work in this case?


what is the infinitive of this verb? and what's its origin


"a vorbi". The etymology is uncertain: Wiktionary leans towards the Latin verbum, the DEX leans towards the Slavic dvorĭba.


wow ! It really resembles Verbum ! Thats's it I believe. Italian French and Catalan used lat. Parolare ( parlare, parler, parlar) , and Spanish and Portuguese used Fabolare ( hablar, falar) and Romanian Verbum( a vorbi ) :D


de ce nu "Omul vorbeste englezeste?"


I have posted a similar comment on another sentence. Please do not blame me for omitting an accent when I used word blanks and you do not put the accent on the word blank. The translation at the top of this discussion, Bărbatul vorbește engleza, also omits the accent I was told was required.


Barbatul vorbeste lambda engleza? Why is it not correct?


"Lambda" is not a Romanian word. "Limba" is the correct choice.


I am confused. When I miss off limba I get marked wrong and yet duo can do it whenever!


Why is it suddenly not limba engleza?

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