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  5. "Is it near your house?"

"Is it near your house?"

Translation:Ist es in der Nähe von deinem Haus?

February 13, 2013



Yes, both translations are correct and depend on the context. Using "deines Hauses" / "Ihres Hauses" is better; "von Ihrem Haus" would be more colloquial/spoken.


This is bad German. It should be "[...] in der Nähe eures Hauses" It's sad that the genitive isn't taught anymore.


I prefer bad German because it sounds more natural to my ears


Can it be "Ist das in der Nähe deines Haus?" ?


No -- the genitive is deines Hauses, not just deines Haus.


"...von deinem Hause" should also be accepted. The dative declension of the noun Haus to Hause is somewhat archaic, but it is still certainly used today in phrases like "nach Hause" and "zu Hause." Certainly, I would use "von deinem Haus" before I would use "von deinem Hause." However, you didn't ask for the preferred answer; you asked for all correct answers. Either improve the question, or correct that answer acceptance.


Can I not say, "Ist es nahe dein Haus?"


That would still be 'deines', though.


Right, my error. Thanks for catching it. But simply "nahe" would be OK?


I, personally, find fatum's version better. There's nothing wrong with 'nahe', though. It's just not feeling right when used in questions, to me. Ist das in der Nähe deines Hauses? Ja, es ist nicht weit, nahe des Sees, an dem wir vorbei gekommen sind. – Is it near your house? Yes, it's not far, close to the pond which we passed. leo.org suggests nearby and close-by for 'nahe', but you have to judge yourself if my translation works. In would tend to close or nearby, too.


Thank you. I'll set my default for "in der Nähe." ;-)


Hi All! =) can I sue neben? or doesnt give that meaning? I thought something like ist es neben deinem Haus? Thanks in advance,


"Neben" indicates "next to" or "beside" whereas "in der Nähe" indicates "near," but not necessarily "next to." That is, "neben" strictly indicates something much closer that "in der Nähe."


Got it, great explanation, many thanks!


It said ihrem Haus was right too. I thought "ihrem" meant "their"


von ihrem Haus (with ihrem lowercase) is "of her house" or "of their house".

von Ihrem Haus (with Ihrem capitalised) is "of your house".


Es ist in der Nähe deines Hauses diese Antwort ist richtig so sagt man es bei uns


Es ist in der Nähe deines Hauses diese Antwort ist richtig so sagt man es bei uns

Es ist in der Nähe deines Hauses. ist ein Aussagesatz.

Duos Satz "Is it near your house?" ist hingegen ein Fragesatz.

Die Übersetzung sollte daher lauten: Ist es in der Nähe deines Hauses?

Und das ist eine der akzeptierten Übersetzungsvarianten.

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