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Is this a correct sentence

Is this α correct sentence: μπορούμε να του δώσει to κρασί

This is not from Duolingo, it came up on Memrise where they translate it as "we give him wine" which definitely seems wrong. Google translate translates it as "we can give him wine". But is that "δώσει" correct there?

(I would think it should be "δώσουμε" and then be translated to "we can give him the wine".)

November 26, 2016



You're right, "We can give him the wine" would be Μπορούμε να του δώσουμε το κρασί.

Μπορούμε να του δώσει το κρασί looks as if it's trying to say "We are able that he gives him the wine" but that doesn't make a lot of sense (how can we be able and he be the one who does the giving?). Θέλουμε να του δώσει το κρασί would make more sense, for example: We want him to give him the wine.


I agree with mizinamo. "Μπορούμε να του δώσουμε κρασί" is correct. This sentence with "δώσει" instead of "δώσουμε" makes no sense in greek.


Okay thanks a lot, I thought so, but then again it could have been some special expression that deviates from the normal grammar rules.

(I have come across a few things so far that seemed really strange at first like "έχουμε δώσει" which I know now is totally normal, or peculiar expressions that seemed to make no sense at all like "τα λέμε".)

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