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"Chúng tôi muốn một con vịt nên chúng tôi mua một con vịt."

Translation:We want to have a duck, so we buy a duck.

November 26, 2016



Could an answer also be "We want a duck, so we buy a duck."


i love this sentence! it's one of my favorites in the whole lesson series. :-)


Although there was some argument at the market both in favour of geese and also hens. Happily ducks won out on the day. So we have a duck because we bought a duck. Khaki Cambells are my fave


My answer was marked wrong because I didn't have một at the end, but I was only given one một. I only use what I'm given. I worked hard to get this right. Feel cheated!


Ducks are a very useful animal to have, especially when you have to identify witches


There are probably a lot of men who wish they knew that before they got married . . . .

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