Any good German chatrooms for learners?

Hi- Just thinking of adding chatting as another way of perfecting my German skills.

I wonder if there are any German chatrooms out there, the open public ones where everyone chats at the same time, and you don't necessarily have to chat one-on-one?

It would be good also if there were some specifically for german learners, with people of various levels of fluency.


November 26, 2016


And there might be a local meetup dedicated to German where you are, too (or you could start one if there isn't). :D

November 26, 2016

I'd try to google it or maybe look on langblr on tumblr.

You can chat with natives using,, busuu, verbling, etc.

November 26, 2016

They used to have them (like in the early 2000s), but I haven't seen any in a while. They would be very useful. I'm an introvert, so I'm not all that comfortable chatting with one random person.

I'm part of a Facebook group that chats only in German... Ilkin's Deutsche und spa├čige Gruppe. It's a closed group, but you can ask to join. It's not exclusive or anything. They share jokes, sometimes post helpful charts, etc. I find it really helpful.

November 27, 2016

In the United States, there are many clubs for people from other countries, or speakers of that language. I belong to a German-American club, here in Florida. I would hazard to guess that other nations may have similar organizations. I have found that many members, once they determine your proficiency level, will adapt accordingly. However, by far, the best primary method of learning a foreign language is formal education, augmented by as many other methods as possible.

November 27, 2016
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