I like the flashcard option, but I'd prefer to get the english word flashed and then guess the spanish word. I believe that is the cognitive function I need to better develop.

November 26, 2016


If you're looking for a good flashcard app, Quizlet is good.

I came across this blog for "Flashcards deluxe":
In the comment section "L-Lingo" is additionally mentioned by Alan.

DuoLingos words list / flashcards IMHO lack a lot of features, like mentioned here (including links):

Without multiple sentences examples (context) and adding:

  • person (EN-PT the persons prefix is there, for e.g PT-DE it is missing)
  • pronunciation
  • audio (it is in the word table details, but not on the flashcards itself while you are doing the review)
  • pictures

that flashcard training is IMHO very ineffective anyways.
So the tip for a reverse tree would not help you either.

Showing ONLY the DuoLingo words list in the "Review flashcards" table, you have not known after practice, is also no help for me at all (again no audio) :-(

I really seem to have problems to remember words on DuoLingo - especially those introduced as new in lessons (the orange highlighting)! Very difficult e.g for the 68 Present 1 verbs.

The user Ove has already agreed to that in the above thread too, that the way DuoLingo teaches is at least factors 2-3x slower than other spaced repetition methods (or effective didactical teaching - my opinion).
I somehow have to agree with him (I am doing 2+1 PT Memrise courses in parallel).

BTW: The Memrise PT BR "DuoLingo" course - especially the Present1 verbs skill - lacks all of the above flashcards requirements - so IMHO it does NOT very much help training with it at all.
I am just as clueless as with DuoLingos lessons or flashcards review :-)

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