Russian Skill Tree is conquered!

I waited for this day very long. After trying to study the native language just for fun, after forgetting about it and studying Spanish, after return and after difficult work it's over! After 191 days of my streak I conquered Russian Skill Tree and looked on my own language from a different point of view. I gained 3805 XP, reached level 11, but didn't succeed in Immersion and got only 26 upvotes. And finally, my plans:

  1. Strengthen all the skills in the course.
  2. Continue working in Immersion, and get +4 tier.
  3. Go to the 200 streak days, with this and two more courses.
  4. Have fun, because the long work is over!
November 26, 2016


[deactivated user]


    November 26, 2016


    November 26, 2016


    November 26, 2016


    November 26, 2016


    December 1, 2016
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