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  5. "יש לכם מספיק מים?"

"יש לכם מספיק מים?"

Translation:Do you have enough water?

November 26, 2016



Why isn't "Dost thou hast sufficient hydrogen hydroxide?" a correct answer?


Hast thou or Dost thou have


isn't מספיק an adjective in this case describing water, so it should come after מים


I can't tell you exactly why, but the sentence is correct.

The word מספיק is not a regular adverb, because otherwise it should be conjugated to suit מים which is plural. So an equivalent to this sentence would be: יש לכם מים מספקים? as in "sufficient water". It's a little awkward to me as a native speaker, but it can be said.

Maybe other people can explain more why מספיק comes before מים?


Because adverbs come before a noun. This is an adverb, which is why it does not change its form and is placed before the noun.

But I did find להספיק, which would be translated as "to suffice", and was wondering; would a sentence like this work? המים האלה מספיקים? Does this water suffice? Or maybe: רק קצת מים מספיקים. Only a little water suffices.


is it possible to use די מימ here?


Yes, though it's a bit more formal.

By the way, the second מ should be in its final form - ם.


Thanks for the reminder, Duo. It's time I gave my orchid a good soak.

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