Immersion articles that don't need translations

So, the Immersion guidelines say that you should translate articles that haven't already been translated into English.

Many of the articles I see though, have an English translation. Is that guideline just not followed? Some of the Spanish articles (I'm only doing Sp-Eng articles) have more information than the already available English articles (especially if they are about a Spanish person or event) but some seem really unnecessary i.e. Albert Einstein, Harriet Tubman, Twitter, Australia, and 15th Century Painting to name a few.

Is this not a rule? Does it not matter? It seems like it defeats the idea of translating the web though it does provide good practice.

4 years ago


I've noticed the same thing and it bugs me too. Especially when the articles aren't exactly the same so it's not black and white, but a wiki article may already exist for that topic in English, and adding any missing information wouldn't really be a translation. The way I see it though is that it can't hurt and it's good practice to translate, albeit a little frustrating at times.

4 years ago
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Interesting question, well, the guideline doesn't necessarily say you should upload it. It says :

>Search online to make sure a translation does not already exist, if it does think twice before submitting or do not submit;

That means, if a user wishes to submit it they may. For example, if one wishes to practice translation. I presume that a lot of content in Duolingo has already been translated multiple times. Yet since we don't have a search button, we may never know that fact. Our only possibility is finding out if the translated content already exists online.

To answer your questions:

1) It is a guideline. 2) It does matter, but Duolingo doesn't help us to monitor these.

4 years ago
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