"Micul dejun este o masă."

Translation:Breakfast is a meal.

November 26, 2016

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I put "The breakfast is a meal" because it says "Micul dejun" instead of just "Mic dejun". The hint for "Micul dejun" even said it translated to "the breakfast". However, my answer was marked incorrect because I put "The". Can someone explain why?


It's not the because you don't specialize on one specific breakfast but on breakfast in general. It's a gramma thing in english


Yeah, definite articles are used differently in English and Romanian. It takes some getting used to! How does Romanian distinguish a specific breakfast from the generalized notion of breakfast?


I s this translantion correct when "o masa " is " atable"?


Masă means both meal and table. 2 examples:

Cele 3 mese ale zilei sunt: micul dejun, prânzul și cina. - The 3 meals of the day (of every day) are: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Pe masă se află o cutie. - On the table there is a box.


Thanks a lot for the clarification, Caesar.


So the two words can be distinguished in plural? masă, mese = meal vs. masă, masa = table


No, they are indistinguishable from one another with regards to the form of the word, both in singular and plural. The plural form is „mese” for both of them.


That just makes things more difficult...sigh


yes, but how do you find out which it is? I just use context to see which one makes sense. Is there another way?


Why cant they accept the breakfast is a table? Duolingo already has tons of odd sentences i am just trying to add another one :P


I totally just put "Breakfast is a table"


why is the -ul on mic instead of dejun?


While I was able to correctly guess that michul dejun means breakfast, mostly by noticing that the word "Breakfast" was capitalised, Duolingo never told me before what micul dejun is, and in this question the word(s) had no tooltip. This is the first time I saw something like that here, I think. Am i missing something?


Not really. There are several words like that (although I remember learning micul dejun; maybe I'm wrong?)

There are two explanations: creating this course has been a massive undertaking for a group of volunteers (which is true regardless); or the designers intentionally are doing that, in order to simulate critical thinking. It's frustrating, but probably helps with learning.

At any rate, the course is still in beta, I think.


When we get an error we go to the comment section. Sometimes we get classroom banter that's fun. But more often we get very good well-thought-out answers that make us think harder. Good job to all those who are thinking before they write. : )

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