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"Το πουλί είναι πάνω στη σκεπή."

Translation:The bird is on the roof.

November 26, 2016



What is the difference between οροφη and σκεπη for roof please?


Anna176942, I'm far from a native speaker and am basing my comment upon reading examples on Glosbe -- which has been dissed occasionally by the moderators here. (Even so, I like Glosbe for the contextual examples offered, even if, once in a while, they may include a bungled translation.)

My impression is that οροφή can mean either "roof" or "ceiling," (and "ceiling" in both physical and metaphorical uses). Σκεπή seems to be used mainly for a physical roof. And a third term, στέγη, can be either a physical roof or a metaphorical one, meaning "shelter."

Maybe one of the moderators will be able to add to or modify some of this.... Best wishes, Paul


Why is it now στη instead of στην ?


Romney one-upped ya, he got his DOG up there!

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