Directory of Informal Duolingo Courses (and some great links)

Lately, I've noticed that some languages are hugely popular, but do not have Duolingo courses or lessons yet.

These languages often do have informal courses, however, so I've made a list for this. The list might be expanded every then and now. These informal courses are listed below alphabetically (letters for where there are no languages, are not included. So if there is no language starting with A, I do not put the A here). If a language gets a course when it's already in this list, I'll keep the language in this list nonetheless - but with a sidenote.

Languages that have a directory of their own, will get a link only. Those that don't, will get a complete list of lessons if nothing else is possible to make the list less chaotic.
If you are the maker of such a course, you could do me a great pleasure and favour by making a directory ;-)
Users are given their credit. When more than one person has co-worked with the course, I only add the one that posted the discussion - for the sake of keeping the list short, unless they have done so much more than the poster whilst not being credited; then they may be honoured too.

When two different users have made informal courses for the same language, and they both are useful, I treat it the same way as having no directory.
If you have sent me a link (which can be done through my activity stream or this discussion), I will add it on the list, and let you know it has been added.
Don't forget to sticky this discussion, so that you can see it in the list, or to look at new updates or other languages for useful learning.


  • A:
Afrikaans by nicovandiekaap1

1. Articles
2. Nouns
3. Adverbs and Adjectives
4. Conjunctions
5. Personal pronouns

Amharic by adamyoung97 - he owns this one site as well, where you can learn the language directly.

Armenian by EdwinHakobyan (new account: edhak)

Part 1
Part 2

Bulgarian by RhydianDavies

Intro 1
Intro 2
Cyrillic Alphabet 1
Cyrillic Alphabet 2
Cyrillic Alphabet 3
Cyrillic Alphabet 4
Cyrillic Alphabet 5
Pronunciation and Basics
Basics 2
Basics 3
Basics 4
Grammar: The verb 'To be'
Grammar: Nouns and Gender
Grammar: Noun Plurals
Pronunciation: Vowels
Pronunciation: Consonants
Writing your Name in Bulgarian - sadly enough, it focuses on English only.
Pronunciation: Consonants, Last Call


Galician Table of Content by FirePolyglot
Roman and Raquel's List by Roman_Huczok

Georgian by asawp
Greek by panagiotists13


Table of content by Demon-Kiyomi
Lesson List by gogoghostship
Like a Native by Lilyanne_Matsuda

  • L:
    Latin by carpelanam (extremely expansive and very well worked out, recommendable!)
Latvian by Verner5

Vocabulary 1

Lithuanian by PinefrostLTU
Luxembourgish by PatrickOsa (indirect link to Duolingo lessons here and here)

Useful Duolingo non-course threads to look in
Idea/Suggestion place
Intermediate and Advanced language learning: Duolingo discussion link!
Official Unofficial Duolingo Discord
Ancient, Extinct and Endangered Languages Discord

Other, extern links:
Impressively large list of language resources
Old languages sources - including Old English, Latin, and more
German CEFR competence test from Deutsche Welle - very good, if you want to know how good you are in German, and it also gives sources for further learning after you've done the test. I myself scored a 60% regarding the A1 level-specific test, and thus I 'passed' for it, apparently.
List of websites like Duolingo. A few other great ones are Bliu Bliu and Anki; the first one focuses on individual words, reading; texts, video and music, the latter one on flashcards.
Converter from IPA to real speech (doesn't work 100% perfectly, but it is a good approximation. Works best for English)
Grammar Monster - explains grammar and foreign concepts like cases, gender, and more. Very helpful, they have a glossary as well, and it is easy to read.

Credits to:

All users that made these courses possible!
Himawari34 for creating the old directory!

November 26, 2016


Here's the old directory you might want to add to your links. I don't think it's being updated anymore. It has a lot of languages on it.

November 26, 2016

Wow, thanks, that is a large one! Still trying to figure out how to code the post in such a way that the list is more tidy and nice.

November 26, 2016

It looks good to me. I always keep this handy for other ideas.

November 26, 2016 Part 1 and Part 2

Edwin never did create a directory, but I think you should still add these. They are Armenian lessons.

November 26, 2016

There are 2 Japanese courses as well:

Demon-Kiyomi's lessons


gogoghostship's lessons.

November 26, 2016

Good idea. Thank you for making this directory

November 27, 2016 This might also help. And these Japanese lessons which do not appear in the wiki nor the old directory:

November 27, 2016

Thank you for making this. It's a right job trying to find these courses using the 'search' button.

November 29, 2016

Update: added much more links and a special shiny regarding old languages.

December 20, 2016

Old Saxon added.

January 29, 2017

Hey =D Could you add Sranan tongo please?

January 3, 2017

Sure! Done.

January 4, 2017

Thank you!!

January 4, 2017

Sad about Immersion? No longer worry! There is a Duolingo discussion in where a lot of useful sites are linked. I've included it into this directory.

January 22, 2017

Added a separate category for Duolingo threads that aren't courses themselves, plus a link where you can post suggestions and ideas to Duolingo.

March 2, 2017

Hey. Would you mind updating the current like to the Official Unofficial Duolingo Discord with this one: Thanks! :D

March 13, 2017

Sure. Updated.

March 13, 2017

Hate to do this to you again, but I've made yet another updated post to the Official Unofficial Duolingo Discord if you wouldn't mind updating it with this here:

Thanks!! :)

April 25, 2017

Oh, sure. Updated.

April 25, 2017
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