"Pantalonii băieților sunt frumoși și curați."

Translation:The pants of the boys are beautiful and clean.

November 26, 2016

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One of the correct answers is wrong, and the 'Report a Problem' menu only has three options on it today...

"The boys trousers..." is wrong in this context.
Boys MUST be followed by an apostrophe to show ownership in the plural. = boys' trousers...


It's a little disappointing that Duolingo keeps using "of the" instead of "'s" in the recommended answers. Reinforcing unnatural English sentences is counterproductive.


He must have galaxy pants.


Seems a recurrent problem of good feedback being ignored or at any rate not answered. Boys' is of course correct. I know this is free to use but are people paid to maintain it? That would appear to be the reason for accepting advertising....


with respect, there is no typo in "the boys' trousers"


DavidCarver - The correct answer in English now reads "The pants of the boys., , , ,"


It should allow trousers. English uses the term "pants" to describe underwear


Is" nice " wrong for "frumoși"?


What is wrong with "the boy's trousers are beautiful and clean"


The -lor ending indicates a plural possessive in Romanian, that translates to a plural possessive in English which is correctly rendered boys' whereas boy's is the singular possessive - this is all explained my myself and Dru above - suggest you read the existing comments before commenting as they may save you typing a question that has already been asked in future.


Your "..boy's.." means one boy. 'Baieților' refers to boys, plural. So it's "..boys'.."


What's wrong with "the pants of boys are..."? Why does Duolingo insist on the definite article with the boys as in "the pants of the boys are..."?


"The pants of boys" means all pants belonging to boys which doesn't really make sense here. Plus "The pants of boys" is pretty awkward phrasing.


They haven't put the pants on yet, i assume? :-D

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