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"Kik játszanak ezek között a fák között?"

Translation:Who is playing between these trees?

November 27, 2016



Why a second time között?


That's just how it is in Hungarian: if you use a demonstrative pronoun (ez or az) together with a noun, they both get the same grammatical treatment:

  • ez a fa
  • ezt a fát
  • ezen a fán
  • ezek a fák
  • ez előtt a fa előtt
  • ezek között a fák között
  • e mögött a fa mögött (If you're using a postposition that begins with a consonant, a preceding ez becomes e, and az becomes a.)


I really hate the redundancy of these types of sentences. If you translate it exactly into English it is wrong. I am also a native Hungarian speaker and have never heard anyone speak this way.


"Kik" is plural. Therefore should the translation not be, "Who are playing among these trees as opposed to "Who is ... ?"


Nope. In english it's always "Who is ... ?" even in plural.


Not always in colloquial english. Some people will differentiate between singular and plural by saying "who all are..." rather than always using "who is..." i know its common in the SE USA, but i dont know about other places.


Could someone perhaps explain the difference between "kik játszanak ezek között a fák között" and "kik játszanak itt a fák között"?


"Who is playing between these trees" and "who is playing here between the trees".

Their meaning is practically the same, but grammatically they're different enough not to be interchangeable in this course.


Shouldn't it be "amongst"? Im starting to question my own english now... :P


"Among" and "amongst" are synonymous, according to the Oxford dictionary. The latter is used in Britain, which I didn't know before. You learn something new every day. :)


Ah! That explains why saying "amongst" feels more natural to me - as I'm British!


...except in nominal sentences, of course. Who are you? Who are these people? Who am I?

But it's always "Who is [verb]ing..?"


Kik játszanak ezek a fák között?


I don't think people say that. It's definitely not standard.


If you don't want to repeat the postposition, you can say "kik játszanak ezen fák között?" But that's a lot more formal, maybe even archaic.


I vote for archaic. We can also throw in "eme", just to cause even more confusion. :)
I am wondering why these much easier forms are the less used ones.... Seems counterintuitive.


Shouldn't it be "kik játszanak ezen fák között"?


It should not, but it can be. It's a rather archaic (but shorter) form, the full form is much more common to use.


Who plays among these trees?


W/o context I believe that both between (between 2 trees) and among (among that clump of trees/woods) should be accepted.


Sorry! But this chapter I didn't understand at all. And I don't want to see it again, please!


surely jatszanak is plural. I translated who ARE playing and got it wrong

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