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  5. "Él no manifiesta pasión."

"Él no manifiesta pasión."

Translation:He does not exhibit passion.

February 13, 2013



Why is 'He shows no passion' now allowed? It makes sense to me


I believe that "he exhibits no passion" should be allowed, thank you


Maybe, but have you ever heard someone say "he exhibits no passion"? If I hear the word "exhibit", I think of a festival, show, or something that involves something being introduced or shown by someone to a group of people (like Steve Jobs introducing the Mackintosh). "Shows" sounds more realistic, I think.


You may be blending the nouns "a show" or "an exhibit" with the verbs "to show or "to exhibit". As a native english speaker I can assure you that "exhibit" works in this context and sounds natural. Thank you for your response.


can you actually say 'to exhibit passion' in english?


You can, but no one would.


In American English, "exhibit" sounds very formal, the kind of word a graduate student in psychology might use in a term paper. In daily conversation, "shows no emotion" would be more common than referring to his (non-)exhibition of "passion."


What would "He doesn't show passion" be "Él no muestra pasión"?

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