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"Det er bedre at give end at tage."

Translation:It is better to give than to take.

November 27, 2016



The usual English phrase is :- "It is better to give than to receive". Not accepted by Duolingo yet though!


I think it's not accepted because tage = take, which doesn't have the same meaning as receive ( eller modtage). But I agree that the usual English phrase should also be accepted if that was the intended meaning.


The point is to learn the danish phrase - they say it this way and I guess it has to be clear what "tage" really means. The translations in english dont have to be super litteral or perfect english, as long as they are clearer on what happens in danish. That is what we are learning here anyway.


It didn't accept: "It is better to give then to take".


ThAn, not thEn!


Because it's THAN, not THEN.


because it's than, not then.


¨It is better to give than to receive¨ must be accepted. Duolingo knew this at least a year ago but have not made the correction.


this should be.... it is better to give than to to receive.. that is the phrase

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