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"We are young, we are not old."

Translation:Noi suntem tineri, noi nu suntem bătrâni.

November 27, 2016



Why is "vechi" not accepted for old in this case? My guess "Noi suntem tineri, nu suntem vechi" was marked incorrect. What's the difference between vechi and bătrâni?


Vechi - old (objects)

Bătrân - old (people)

They are not interchangeable in Romanian.


Hebrew has also two words for ”old”, I never realize until now that in Romanian (my mother tongue :D) it is the same. So glad I saw this here. :)


When I was given the correct answer at the bottom of the page it was Noi suntem tinere, nu suntem bătrâne.

But then when I entered the discussion this was the answer Noi suntem tineri, noi nu suntem bătrâni.

So my question is when using adjectives with noi do the adjectives change gender like they would between ei/ele even though the word noi does not change for gender?


is "suntem tineri, nu bătrâni" completely out of the question? the repetition of the verb seems very strange

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