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  5. "Ich treffe ihn fast nie."

"Ich treffe ihn fast nie."

Translation:I almost never meet him.

February 13, 2013



I typed 'I hardly ever meet him' Isn't that basically the same?


Yes, it's fine.


"I barely ever meet him." Is that not pretty much the same as "I hardly ever"


I rarely meet him is wrong why guys?


It isn't wrong. There are just a lot of ways to say this exact thing in English. Report it and it'll be added to the solutions eventually.


Yet to be added.


Would it be fine to to say "I almost never run into him" ?


I seldom meet him?


I wrote it too and it was rejected.. Reported.


I wrote "I almost never hit him." why is that incorrect?


Because treffe is from the verb treffen, to meet.


Yes, but according to the dictionary 'treffen' also means 'to hit', 'to strike', 'to affect'...


I am not an expert myself, but my girlfriend is German, and when I've used the word treffen she will correct me to saying sich treffen-- treffen simply means to hit and sich treffen to meet with somebody.


Sorry can you please tell me how is the sentence arranged with sich treffen


Hello is ' Ich treffe sich ihn fast nie' correct?


"Ich treffe ihn fast nie" would never be "I almost never hit him" because "treffen" in the sense of striking implies hitting the mark. So if you shoot him but miss the mark you can say "Ich schie├če die ganze Zeit auf ihn aber ich treffe ihn fast nie". But outside this specific scenario "Ich treffe ihn" means "I meet him".


I almost donot come accross him! Das bedeutet dasselbe Sache denke ich.


Is "I meet him nearly never" all right?


The words are all correct, but put them together and they don't sound right. "Almost" sounds much better than "nearly" in this sentence.


Yes, I agree, though I thought they are synonimes. Anyway, thanks and danke!


As per the other comments... This question is debatable, confusing and not realistic.

It should be replaced completely.


"to meet someone" = kennenlernen

"to meet with someone" = sich treffen

No native English speaker would say "I almost never meet him." Rather, "I almost never meet with him."


I'm a native English speaker, and I would say "I almost never meet him". I'd never say "I almost never meet with him". I'm Australian... Strange, isn't it?


As a native US English speaker, "to meet someone" does not imply a meeting but seeing in passing or be introducted (which would be very odd in this construction). Whereas "to meet with someone" does not imply to see in passing or to be introduced to but to have a meeting/conversation/etc.

Thus, to me they are very different meanings and are not at all interchangeable.


Well as a native British English speaker I'd say it's much more common to say you're "Going to meet" someone than "Going to meet with" someone.


I agree, if I have to be at a certain place to see someone I would always say "I have to meet X later" rather than "I am meeting with X later" or any other variant. But all the Americans I know seem to say "I'm meeting with him/her".


So, Ich treffe ihn fast nie - > I almost never meet him

and Ich treffe mich ihn fast nie - > I almost never meet with him. (not sure about german construction)


Would like to add to this thread that in NI this is slang for make out with


I would agree that "I almost never meet him" is less usual in American English than "I almost never meet with him," as we would say "to meet" as a one-time event, the first time you meet someone, and "to meet with" as a thing you can do over and over, but I would hesitate to say we'd never say that. Different people say things differently, especially in different parts of the world, and the context would make clear which meaning of "meet" was intended.


No native English speaker says "meet with" him/her et. al. "I" subject, "meet" verb, "him" object; no preposition required. Meet with speak with etc are American English.

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