"Rochia este albastră ori albă?"

Translation:Is the dress blue or white?

November 27, 2016

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[deactivated user]

    Rochia este albastră și negra ori albă și aurie? :D https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_dress


    I also thought about that dress when i read this sentence :D p.s. i see it blue and black


    Why dont use "sau"?


    Lydia Kurnia P - It seems that "ori" has a "contrastive" sense of "or" [I then saw the word "adversative" used in a discussion of "insa", "dar", and "ci" (and I believe "iar" is in there too)]; whereas "sau" has (only) an "alternative" sense of meaning. . .


    This is an alternative situation that depends on taste or need to match or contrast some other part of the woman outfit so is ori like dar and sau like ci?

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