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Twitter Disconnect

There is a button to disconnect your Facebook account from Duolingo, but none for Twitter.

I am bringing this up because I accindently attached my Duolingo account to the wrong Twitter account and had a difficult time fixing my mistake. Had to do it through Twitter's website.

June 18, 2012



it's there now.


I have the same problem, I only have the buttom to connect with facebook and no twitter so I can't disconnect my account from twitter. Can you help me please.


@cardinale Any idea how to disconnect completely? I've revoked access from my twitter settings, but there is still a link to my twitter from duolingo

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I have been asking this since the very beginning through the feedback thing at the left, and although they often respond to my feedback, they've never gotten back to me about this.

EDIT: Duolingo has implemented it. Thanks!

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I actually want to remove the twitter link altogether. I don't want to just switch to a different account.


Did you figure out how to change the account you linked to? If not, I can post instructions.


On the "Follow people" page on the duolingo site, click "Search again on Twitter" and a window should pop-up. Click "sign out" in the upper right hand of the pop-up window. Then you should be able to enter the correct account credentials and click the "Connect" button. This should fix your problem, but if it does not, click "Search again on Twitter" and click the "Connect" button.

Hope this helps.


is this solved guys?

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