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Welsh Immersion frustrations

Well, it finally happened. Duo didn't like my translation of a sentence in Welsh Immersion.

I am trying to translate an article I uploaded to Welsh to English Immersion, the Welsh-language Wikipedia article about the planet Saturn, found here:


Here is the sentence that is giving me such a hard time:

Cafodd arsylwadau cynnar eu cymhlethu gan y ffaith bod y Ddaear weithiau yn pasio trwy flaenau mordwyau Sadwrn wrth i Sadwrn droi yn ei chylchdro.

As best as I can figure (and Welsh Immersion has been enjoyably challenging to me):

Early observations were complicated by the fact that the Earth sometimes passes along the edges of the rings of Saturn as Saturn turns in its orbit.

I have never had this happen before after about 2 years of working in Immersion articles, but Duo refused to accept my translation because it does not seem correct. I have heard about this happening to other translators but it has never happened to me before... maybe it's the article, causing this Immersile Dysfunction (ID?).

Anyway, do any of my fellow Welsh students have any suggestions about this translation? Please, may those that know better than I offer their notes.

November 27, 2016



I had several perfectly good Welsh translations rejected by Duo. I have a feeling that it might be using Google or similar as a reference, and Google's Welsh is sometimes pretty peculiar or plain wrong.

The English here should probably be '...the Earth sometimes passes through the plane of Saturn's rings...'.

The Welsh for that kind of plane is plân, I think (rmcode will know - more his subject than mine). Anyway, a plural such as blaenau/planau would make little sense in Welsh or English since a disk-like structure such as Saturn's ring system would only have a single plane as far as 'early observations' were concerned. A mistake of this sort in the original might be another factor confusing a translation.

You could see if Duo will go along with 'the planes of Saturn's rings' or 'the planes of the rings of Saturn' even if that makes little sense (unless of course one or more rings actually are tilted in relation to the others...)


You could also try leaving the mutated flaenau untranslated for a little while - just include the word as part of your attempt. I think that I did something similar once and then went back and edited it later - Duo was happy with that for some reason. It was a matter of tracking down the particular word or phrase that it was choking on.


Diolch! Mae'n yr hanner cyntaf gweithio. Bydd i ceisio yr hanner arall yn nes ymlaen.

(Did I get that right? - The first half works. I will try the other half later.)



  • Mae'r hanner cyntaf yn gweithio. Bydda i'n ceisio yr hanner arall * nes ymlaen.


I am delighted just to get that close!


PS - have now edited the original wiki article to show ...trwy blân... instead of * ...trwy blaenau... - if a subject specialist knows better I am sure that it will get changed back asap.

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