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"Citesc cărțile cu milioanele."

Translation:I read the books with the millions.

November 27, 2016



"With the millions". What country do they talk like that?. What does it mean. Best regards


My Romanian boyfriend says that it's an idiom and it means "I read books by the million", meaning, "I read a lot"


Wow. That is not what I understood from the English. I thought it was "I read the books with millions of other readers", as in a popular series (I was imagining Game of Thrones). Thanks for the clarification!


Thank you very much for your help. Now it makes sense. The word-by-word translation does not help to understand the expression


the funniest thing i read today!! but seriously i thought the same thing


The direct translation is too confusing. In English it would be "I read books BY the million(s"). If it is to mean "I read books like millions of others" it should say so, but would be a complicated translation? I suppose this is why translation is such a skill. Not a good choice for beginners!


What the heck? That sentence doesnt make sense at all


"I read millions of books" was rejected. Apparently "I read millions of book" is the correct translation!?!


The equivalent idiom in English would be, "I read books by the dozen". The meaning of idioms will often be difficult to communicate in a language course. Just knowing the literal translation will give no clue as to how you would use such a phrase. Adding a short explanatory note might be really useful for situations like this.


How about, "I read the books with the millions of other people"?

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