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Ouch! How did I end up with a negative number of points today?

I just did a timed practice in Spanish and my activity chart showed my total points today were negative four! How did that happen???? I had already earned points today and I got 6 right from the practice I just finished. Can you restore todays points? I am afraid to practice more.

February 21, 2014



Update to above post: I did one more timed practice and got 4 right and my activity level increased from negative 4 to 0. Has anyone else experienced negative points?!


I didn't have negative points, exactly, but after I did my practice points for the day and the coach told me I was "on track" I went back and it told me I was 75 points away from being on track!


Theres are only two explanations: your practice was soooo good that program counter turned over, or your practice was soooo bad that Duo decided to punish you with minus points : You decide which is your case.


Only Duobot knows!

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