"El turismo"

Translation:The tourism

4 years ago



"The tourism" is just not something that stands alone in English. "Tourism" should be accepted here.

4 years ago


It is now accepted. Also "The Tourism" sounds like some kind of really awful movie...

4 years ago


Good Engish would be "tourism", not "the tourism."

Here is a good website explaining the difference between the use of definite articles in English and Spanish: http://www.bowdoin.edu/~eyepes/newgr/ats/08a10.htm#defart

Key points: [Puntos principales]

1) Spanish uses definite articles ("el, la, etc.) much more than English. [El espanol usa articulos determinados much mas que el engles.]

2) Spanish uses a definite article for nouns used in a general sense (" I like cats" vs. "me gusta los gatos") [El Espanol usa un articulo determinado para substantivos en el sentido general.]

2a) English uses "the" to indicate a specific thing (eg., a specific "cat", or "the cat"), but uses no article for "things in general (e.g., "Cats" [in general] are felines" or "Los gatos son felinos")

[El ingles utilaza "the" para indicar una cosa especifica, mientras, pero no utiiza nigun articulo para cosas generales.]

3) Spanish uses a definite article before languages, illnesses, sports, sciences, and other fields of knowledge: ("He has measles" vs. "El tiene el sarapion") ("Science is..." vs. "La ciencia es"

[El espanol utiliza un artiulo indefinitivo antes de las idiomas, las enfermadades, las desportes, las ciencias, y otros campos del concimiento:]

4) When referring to a person's title, Spanish uses the definite article ("Professor Lopez is speaking to the class " vs. "La profesora Lopez esta hablando..." or "Today, President Obama...." vs. "Hoy, el presidente Obama..."

[Cuando se hace referencia al titulo de una persona, el espanol utiliza el articulo determinado.]

These differences are very noticeable when I translate the Immersion articles. Many of the translations into English use far too many definite articles.

<pre>[Estas diferencias son muy notables cuando traduzco los articulos de Immersion. Muchos de los traducciones al ingles usan muchas demasiados articulos determinados.] </pre>

In addition, when translating, I need to remember those facts above. I often find myself forgetting. When I remember them, translating is much easier.

[Ademas, cuando yo estoy traduciendo los hechos anteriores, a menudo me encontro les olvidar. Cuando los recuerdo, traducieno es mas facil.]

[Disculpe mi espanol; soy practicando, y espero que ayude algunos de ustedes.

2 years ago


No, if someone asked you, "Whats the best thing about Tunisia?" U could respond "The tourism"

1 year ago


De acuerdo. En ingles, "the tourism" refiere a una cosa especifica. (El turismo de Tunisia.)

1 year ago

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3 months ago


Why is "The private car" wrong when it's marked as an alternate translation for turismo? "The tourism" just sounds funny in English unless it's followed by a noun such as "The tourism industry"

4 years ago


I would say 'the tourism' when alone, is wrong.

4 years ago


does not make sense "The Tourism" leave off the "The" tourism is on it's own, or as above

4 years ago

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Audio normal speed says ES turismo, while slow speed says EL turismo.

3 years ago


2 years later, it still does.

10 months ago


now it's been 3 years, still "es turismo"

5 months ago


So would tourist be el turisto or la turista?

3 years ago


brent- turista is the same word for masculine and feminine. el turista or la turista

3 years ago

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I heard 'too-ees-mo'. Is the R not pronounced?

2 years ago


In Spain a Turismo is a private car.

2 years ago


The only context I can think of where this phrase would make sense in English is some conversation like "This town is barely on the map anymore. What keeps it going??" "The tourism." Which, incidentally, is a legitimate discussion back in my hometown.

1 year ago


Why is this in a section "People"?

4 years ago


josef- because tourism is about people

3 years ago


I'm guessing because tourism involves people. :-)

4 years ago


And maybe busses too? Busses filled with... hmmm?

3 years ago


Can someone tell me when to use "la" and when to use "el" outside of talking about male and female

9 months ago


The tourism...you mean the tourist? XP

7 months ago


Enunciation is terrible.

7 months ago


I hate the new format of this program

5 months ago
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