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"Eu îi dau o prăjitură bunicii."

Translation:I give a cake to the grandmother.

November 27, 2016



Is there a reason why "I give a cupcake to grandmother (grandma)," without the definite article THE is not accepted?


Why not: I give grandmother a cake?


Late to this but that implies that the grandmother is yours, and not just a grandmother. If I were to say "I give mother a cookie" I'm implying that it is my mother, but if I say "I give THE mother a cookie", I'm saying it could be any mother, not mine. The sentence doesn't imply the grandmother is yours. Hope this helps and I'm sorry if I'm incorrect.


Is anyone able to explain how we know that it is grandmother rather than grandfather and direct me to the section to look at again? Thank you


to the grandfather would be 'bunicului'


In Italian, we would say "I give a cake to the grandmother" Do una torta alla nonna", using "to THE grandmother", but the meaning is"to MY grandmother. Couldn't the sentencr in Romanian imply the same thing?


I wonder why it is ""ii dau" when we talk about grandma - feminine and I think it must be "o dau"?

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