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  5. "Η μπότα μου."

"Η μπότα μου."

Translation:My boot.

November 27, 2016



It is not true that the ancient shoes were σανδάλια only. I googled a little about and there were a kind of open boots called ενδρομίδες or εμβάδες (plural). The word μπότα is Italian. As many Italian words passed to Greek through Venetian dialect. And it is much related with the verb "to beat" https://el.wiktionary.org/wiki/%CE%BC%CF%80%CF%8C%CF%84%CE%B1 Why this, I suppose it is a matter of imagination :)


Funny how all the words in this section are of modern foreign origin, e.g. this one from Italian botta.



It seems the ancient Greeks didn't have many clothing options before foreign textile imports kicked in ;-)

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Haha, actually they didn't. Their only clothes=Ενδύματα were ο χιτώνας, το επίβλημα, and their shoes=Υποδήματα, τα σανδάλια. No socks or boots, definitely! ;) All of the above words are still used, though, it is just that they are so few and many of them refer to clothes that are no longer worn (χιτώνας & επίβλημα) :)


σανδάλια , now there's a true Greek clothing word passed on to other languages!


And they even exercised and competed without any clothes—stark naked—both at the gym and at the Olympics (presumably they didn't want the Games to turn into a multimillion-dollar fashion show for sportswear companies. :-D )

[The Online Etymological Dictionary has a few more English words based on Greek γυμνός.]


It all makes sense now :-)

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