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  5. "Niemand ist perfekt."

"Niemand ist perfekt."

Translation:Nobody is perfect.

February 21, 2014

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German is quite literal in its word pairings. If you see the word Niemand and couldn't immediately see it as Nobody (an english word pairing...no body... (one))[ nie MANd], it might help to break down the word itself. And stop using google translate to out think a program designed to help you learn. This is not a game you beat. This is a complex language that takes time to learn, and more importantly...understand.


Isn't "no one" and "nobody" the same thing? if not, how are they different in German?


Either translation is fine. Please report it if one of them is not accepted.


Which is it actually though- I want to be like super ultra literal.



What do you mean? nobody and no one are synonyms that are both translated as niemand. One is not more valid than the other.


They both mean the same, but are not identical- I'd imagine using "nein ein" would not mean "no one" the way it is used in English. And although they have the same meaning and are both valid translations, I'm more interested in the origins of the word "niemand". It was less of a question of which is more valid and more of "what does niemand mean"

Thank you for your reply, that was very informative.


Wiktionary says niemand is from the Old High German nioman, so it could literally be translated to no man, which sort of implies a more physical aspect, so you could say nobody has more of a similar literal meaning to it than no one.

keiner is a synonym of niemand. It literally means none or no one (well, there it is...), so you could say no one has more of a similar literal meaning to it than nobody.

However, Wiktionary also says keiner is more colloquial than niemand, and that niemand sounds a little more formal. I would say it's the opposite in English, wouldn't you? nobody is more colloquial and no one is a little more formal.


Thanks, Duolingo. Inspirational quote of the day.


No one and nobody should be both of them the right answer, i dont get it why no one is perfect is wrong, someone could explain us?


Please read the previous comments.

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